How does a chef or mixologist impart flavor to their creations with quality and consistent execution top of mind?

Not so long ago, Americans purchased Chile’s “fighting varietals” for everyday home consumption. But when it came to dining out, Chilean wines were thought of as déclassé—restaurant hosts wouldn’t think of listing them.

Today with the prevalence of social media, every single guest who walks into your restaurant should be considered a restaurant critic that will judge all aspects of their experience, from the food and service to the atmosphere of the restaurant. Worrying about the specialty menu or cocktail pairings can no longer be the main concern for restaurant owners. Instead, the entire dining experience should be carefully analyzed from the moment visitors walk in the door to the second they leave. 

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The American Lamb Jam is a chef competition and culinary experience bringing together 16 of the most talented chefs at each of the six tour stops − Austin, Boston, Denver, San Francisco Seattle and Washington, D.C. – and to celebrate the family-operated farms and ranches raising sheep in the United States.

San Francisco-based interior designer’s first winery project and the iconic vintner’s first renovation since 1995.

This Spring, Brockmans Gin is offering a menu of original recipes that resemble a cornucopia of fruits, flowers and vegetables.

 Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Fire announced a partnership with the National Volunteer Fire Council (NVFC) to support volunteer firefighters nationwide with a $75,000 donation. 


A Fine Line, directed by filmmaker Joanna James, chronicles the challenges faced by female chefs in the male-dominated culinary industry.