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Celebrate National Barbecue Month with Beachwood BBQ!

Did you know that May is national barbecue month? In case you weren't aware, Southern California's Beachwood BBQ has it covered. 

Founded by husband and wife team Gabriel Gordon and Lena Perelman in 2006, Beachwood BBQ began as a mom-and-pop BBQ and beer bar in Seal Beach, CA. Just blocks from the beach, Beachwood BBQ quickly earned a reputation as a world-class, craft beer establishment. 

In 2011, they teamed with Julian Shrago, a well-known Southern California home-brewer, to open Beachwood BBQ & Brewing in downtown Long Beach, CA. The new location features a full brewery, serving only the finest in craft beer with taps changing daily!

The Beachwood philosophy is executed through their passion for slow-smoked, dry-rubbed, southern style BBQ . 

"Our approach is low and slow," is Beachwood's statement. "All of our meats are slow smoked and dry rubbed, succulently flavored to allow the true meat flavor to stand on its own - that means no saucy coating. No sauce, yes, no sauce - well at least we don't serve the meats with sauce, but you do have a variety of tableside sauces to choose from, if you so please."

Smoked Ham Sandwich

Beer and coffee glazed smoked ham. Served on an onion bun with smoked onions, Brie cheese & arugula.

1 each - brioche bun - toasted

1 tbs. - aioli or mayo

1/2 cup - arugula

(2) 10oz. slice Brie or Camembert

1 oz. - smoked onion

6 oz. - smoked ham

2 oz. - coffee & beer glaze

Grill bun and spread on mayo/aioli. Slice ham and top with 2 ounces of glaze, smoked onion, and cheese. Melt cheese. Place arugula on bun top and serve open face with your favorite side.

The Coffee & Beer Glaze

1 tbs. - cornstarch slurry

1 cup - coffee

2 cups - beer (malty not hoppy)

1/4 cup - hot sauce

1/4 cup - Worcestershire 

1/4 cup - honey

Boil and reserve cold.

The Smoked Ham

1 half butt portion ham (bone-in)


1/8 cup - Koscher salt

1 tbs. - black pepper

1 tbs. - paprika

1 tbs. - Coleman's mustard powder

1 tbs. - cumin (ground)

Mix well. Store

Rub ham with dijon mustard and the prepared rub. Wrap in plastic wrap and refrigerate overnight.

Set up smoker at 210℉ and cook ham for 3 hours. Wrap and keep warm.

Smoked Onions (slice red onions) cook with ham (2 hours)



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