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"Piemonte Land of Perfection" Announces Grand Tasting Event

Discover the Flavors of this Unique and Exceptional Terroir
Piemonte Land of Perfection

The region of Piedmont, a majestic and diverse landscape located at the foot of the Italian Alps, has been producing world-renowned wines for centuries. 45,000 hectares of vineyards reach across a serene countryside, immersed in history and tradition: a truly unique terroir, reflected in the prominent and refined flavors of its wines. “Piemonte Land of Perfection” invites you, on Wednesday, July 18, to experience the fruits of this distinctive climate and to meet the artisans and producers dedicated to making wines representative of its beauty.

“This event is intended to be the début in the United States of Piemonte Land of Perfection,” says Piemonte Land of Perfection, Chairman, Andrea Ferrero. “[It is] the super consortium that brings together the main consortiums for the protection of individual products (Consorzi di Tutela) and most representative of producers’ associations.  For the first time Piemonte’s team acts united with a diversified proposal.”

It is one of the year’s most prestigious tasting events and it is perhaps the only opportunity to sample Piedmont’s most popular wines, as well as experience the true range of its lesser known varieties all in the same day.

“It’s an opportunity to discover great varieties that you already know from different appellations,” says Christy Canterbury, Master of Wine, who will be attending and conducting an educational seminar.

With hundreds of wines featured, there will be just as much to learn as there will be to taste. A perfect time to gain knowledge, as well as make new and valuable contacts, the event lasts from noon to 5 PM and will be held at the 11th floor Manhattan venue, Three Sixty°.

New York was chosen as the prime location, according to Ferrero, because “New York is the soul of the United States. This city welcomed many generations of people from Piemonte, which brought here the gastronomical and oenological culture of their land…For Piemonte producers New York is the core market for restarting the challenge to promote their wines.”

In addition, several of these exhibitors are looking to gain distribution in the US, making July 18 an essential date for importers and distributors wanting to expand their wine portfolios. An opportunity for producers and trade professionals alike, if you are in the wine industry, the Piemonte Grand Tasting Event is not to be missed.

Unique and Exceptional

The Piedmontese are proud of their wine, which reflects the beauty, both natural and cultivated, of its origin.

“This is northern Italy,” Canterbury remarks. “These are cool climate wines. There’s a freshness in the wines. There’s a delicacy and a clear aromatic brightness and forwardness in the wines that is very reflective of an area that is quite cool and harvests some of its grapes quite late.”

The region’s “royalty,” Barolo, Barbaresco and Barbera, are widely popular and always in high demand. “In the U.S. our wines have been known, consumed and appreciated for years,” says Ferrero. “The sweet Asti Spumante, the more structured Barbera, the great wines of Langa, Barolo and Barbaresco, which can compete well with the French ones. And it’s impossible to forget the Moscato Mania that hit American consumers last year. A true boom of Moscato d’Asti, that brought notoriety also to Brachetto d’Acqui and to other smaller DOC and DOCG”.

With over 20,000 wineries, the area produces such a wide selection of quality wines (about three million hectoliters every year), that it would be a shame not to familiarize oneself with some of the rarer varieties.

“Piedmont has some very cool, unusual varieties that we don’t see a lot of in the U.S.” says Canterbury. She looks forward to sampling some Ruché, the relatively scarce red grape, grown in the hills above Asti, as just one of the many intriguing, lesser known varieties that will be presented at the tasting event.

She also observes that July’s event will be a rare chance to see many of the more uncommon wines together. “It is a good opportunity to see a number of those in one place.”

“Piemonte is known as a land of great wines,” continues Ferrero. “This established reputation is the result of the work of great men and women which cultivate vines and produce quality wines. These people are keepers of a unique territory with a landscape that is candidate to become UNESCO World Heritage. Inside every glass of wine the consumer finds a corner of Piemonte.”

Piedmont is a region of many corners; so diverse in climate and geography, that it cannot be defined by any one generalization. The flavors that are born from its soils are complex, rich with the narrative of the landscape. With so much to be discovered, even amid the oldest traditions, Piedmont, rooted in history, fresh with possibility, is truly the “Land of Perfection.”

For more information and to RSVP, please visit:


This event is exclusively for individuals working in the wine industry’s trade and press sectors and must be 21 years or older.
For Event Information contact:  Jennifer Kramer, Special Events Manager,  212-386-7438 

For Press Inquiries contact: Marie-Christina Batich, Media Relations Manager,  212-386-7416


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