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Signature Dish: Charlie Trotter

In Pursuit of Excellence, Not Perfection
Trotter Lamb

"I’m the opposite of most chefs in my approach. The taste of wine is fixed more or less when you open it, while the food is adjustable.  I can add fat or acid or garlic puree, any number of things to match the wine."

After 25 years, his eponymous Chicago restaurant is being retired, but Charlie Trotter, the chef, continues his journey.

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looks tasty btw
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so me and my gf like to cook together and we accidentally encountered with this post. decided to cook it. after 2 fail attempts we finally did it and... that was godlike. literally. never thought i will eat something like that. great job and ty!
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Charlie is an famous chef and all his dishes are very healthy. There are many assignment writers australia who has appreciated his talent in food. I hope you would share all his famous recipies through your blogs.