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Renowned industry professionals will offer insights and inspiration to attendees in Charlotte, Newport Beach and New Orleans




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Stepping onto the floor at a large industry conference can be overwhelming. Hundreds, sometimes thousands of people scurry in every direction. In exhibition halls, importers, distributors, and entrepreneurs of every variety vie for attendee’s attention with free gifts, samples, and, because we are in the food industry, lots of tasty treats.


Seeing the latest products is, of course, important. Eating twelve different kinds of chocolate, sipping wine from every continent, and attending educational seminars are also important. For me, however, the aspect of conferences I most enjoy is the opportunity to get face-to-face with those who share my passion for food and service. There is no better way to take the temperature of our industry than to have real, live conversations with people who are in the trenches every single day and learn what they need to know to make them successful. In a perfect world, everyone could attend a conference or two a year to reap the benefits of all there is to see. Unfortunately, most of us don’t have the time, or the money, to attend every conference that might interest us. That’s why we cover them for you.


In this issue, Shana Clarke reports on the 2017 TexSom Conference and Competition. She  covers the conference and speaks to current and past winners of the competition with insight into why they underwent the challenging process.

This issue has much more than the conference story! Brian Van Flanderm, America’s Mixologist from the Food Network gives tips on creating perfect warm cocktails for cold winter nights. Leadership guru Rudy Miick breaks down what it takes to turn around a floundering restaurant. In “Making the Table Bigger, Cara Strickland reports on Big Table, a non-profit dedicated to helping people in the hospitality industry. I had the extreme pleasure of covering one of Boston’s hottest new restaurants, Cultivar, and it’s talented chef, Mary Dumont, on her journey from Chef to Chef/Owner.

With each issue, we hope to inform, educate, and entertain. As always, please send me your ideas and feedback.

A votré santé!


Deborah Norkin
Editorial Director

The London Wine Competition is being launched to identify and reward those brands and products that consumers actually want to buy, rather than simply recognise good quality wines for their winemaking ability alone. 

To be a real success a wine has to be bought by consumers, be it from a supermarket shelf or a restaurant wine list.



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On the cover of the latest issue of Santé is a beauty shot of pork belly with salsa di satori forti, with boiled leeks, cabbage, and dill. Chef Michael Pagliarini created this sumptuous treat for an event at his Cambridge restaurant, Benedetto. Some diners will look at the dish, see it as a delicious meal and dive right in. Others will appreciate the complex flavors, will understand the years of training and experience needed to produce such a masterpiece, and will savor every bite. People in the restaurant industry will, of course, delight in the eating but with every fork full, will wonder about the food cost, and whether the event, A Taste of Ancient Rome, was worth the time and energy it took to put together.


For industry professionals, the bottom line is not a theoretical threshold. It is an every day consideration. Benedetto’s event was not just a success in the account books. It drove everyone involved to push the boundaries of what was expected to produce an evening filled with fabulous food and conversation. It was more than a meal. It was an experience. The exuberance of the staff came through in every bite.


You can taste that same passion at The Purple Pig in Chicago. Instead of being satisfied with filling the dining room every night, the team, lead by Chef Jimmy Bannos, added breakfast service with offerings that diners can’t get anywhere else. Not only does it improve their bottom line, it brings an entirely new group of diners to their door.


Every restaurant, from the neighborhood coffee shop with a single red carnation on a bistro table, to the swankiest of the white table establishments must do the same thing. Go beyond what’s expected. Smart, informed decisions lead to successful enterprises.


As always, I’m interested in your thoughts. I’ll answer every email, and consider every story pitch. With every issue, I aim to go beyond the ordinary to give you something extraordinary. Reach out to me so I can give you what you need to help boost your own bottom line.


A votré santé!


Deborah Norkin
Editorial Director

The Louisiana Restaurant Association and Ti Martin of Commander's Palace have teamed up with the Greater New Orleans Foundation to activate the Hurricane Harvey Hospitality Employee Relief Fund. The relief fund will donate individual grants to restaurant and hotel workers who are in need during this trying time.

The IBWSS was the first-ever bulk and private label wine and spirits event in California

St. Augustine, Fla., June 20, 2017 – From July 9­–13, 2017, more than 1,000 chefs and culinary professionals will convene in Orlando, Florida, for five days of hands-on workshops, live demonstrations and educational seminars on the latest industry trends at Cook. Craft. Create. ACF National Convention & Show.

The two-day United States Trade Tasting event in May 2017 opened up new opportunities for wine, beer and spirits brands to enter the U.S. marketplace



Santé!  Literally translated, all these toasts mean, to your health. Every language on this planet offers a similar sentiment when raising a glass. Being of sound mind and body is the definition of health, but this toast implies so much more.

If one possesses good health, one should celebrate. That’s what we at Santé plan to do. Today, we’re celebrating the launch of the digital reboot of the print version of Santé. Unlike other online magazines, our landscape format is designed to be read on a desktop, tablet, or smartphone, and our Santé app will give notification whenever a new issue is published. Like it’s predecessor, the online version will address issues unique to the up-market restaurant trade.

Registration is now open for this two-day conference exploring the topics and issues most relevant to women in hospitality, encouraging attendees to “Join Us At The Table. Eat, Drink, & LEAD”

Beverage Trade Network, the leading online platform dedicated to connecting the global beverage industry, will host the USA Trade Tasting Conference in New York City on May 16-17, 2017.

Threesomes usually are the stuff of cross-the-line personal ads. But for Pat and Dan Conway, co-owners of the Great Lakes Brewing Cleveland, Ohio, Company (GLBC), a three-way approach into running their operation is anything but risqué—or risky. At the microbrewery and restaurant the brothers opened in 1988, business is steady and strong because the Conways never take their eyes off what’s been dubbed the triple bottom line: people, planet, and profit.

When I came into this industry as an apprentice many years ago, there was little opportunity for me outside the kitchen. A chef earning a degree was unheard of, and most management trainees went to a hotel school, where they learned their techn

Beverage Trade Network Talks to Steve Dorfman, partner at Ciatti Company to share insights on factors to consider when selecting a bulk wine supply partner for your business. 

Whether you are starting a new private label, trying to procure wine to meet demand or off loading excess inventory, understanding how to successfully buy and sell bulk wine is an essential part of any modern wine business.

Today's wine lovers are more informed than ever. They know what they like, they know where to get it, and how to serve it right. Restaurants have to work hard just to meet the high standards of their guests. By playing close attention to presentation, preservation, temperature, and quality of service, they can add value to the wine itself.

Leaders in the industry understand what a crucial role their wine by-the-glass program plays in building a loyal customer base. Ordering wine by-the-glass should be seamless, free of stress or intimidation, and should foster a sense of excitement.

Restaurateurs at the forefront of wine preservation technology can attest to the system’s financial merits. Wine savvy guests, who are more apt to try something new, know what to look for in a strong by-the-glass program.

[Editor's Note: Enjoy our four-part series on wine preservation systems, by-the-glass programs, and how it may impact your business.]

Not so long ago, Americans purchased Chile’s “fighting varietals” for everyday home consumption. But when it came to dining out, Chilean wines were thought of as déclassé—restaurant hosts wouldn’t think of listing them. Today, restaurant beverage managers stock the best wines from Chile because they know that for quality and value at all wine list price points, the current crop of Chilean wines are winners. Chile’s superpremium Cabernets and “super-Chilean” Bordeaux blends are world-class, the best of the whites are crisp and complex, and the country offers a splendid, one-of-a-kind wine—Carmenère. My, how times have changed.

Could it be time to consider the rebirth of the carafe?

Proud Cypriots claim that their culture is the oldest in the world, boasting archeological evidence of human existence as early as 12,000 years ago. For them the practice of sourcing products locally is not a trend but a long-standing culinary tradition.

Today with the prevalence of social media, every single guest who walks into your restaurant should be considered a restaurant critic that will judge all aspects of their experience, from the food and service to the atmosphere of the restaurant. Worrying about the specialty menu or cocktail pairings can no longer be the main concern for restaurant owners. Instead, the entire dining experience should be carefully analyzed from the moment visitors walk in the door to the second they leave.

Añejo rums are smooth and luxurious. These aged rums have more in common with Cognac and Sherry than they do with their light rum, un-aged counterparts. They are elegant, sophisticated spirits best appreciated in a brandy snifter.