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Articles in "Wine"

Malbec World Day is on April 17th.  How will you be celebrating it?

The second wave of spring roses splashes into our glass. Will more follow?

Welcoming spring with a beautiful and alluring rosé!

Get out your Riedels and your shot glasses.

30th generation head of Tuscan family wine business is full of fresh ideas.

The first wave of spring roses splashes into our glass.  More will follow.

Alejandro Fernández, an icon and "Master of Tempranillo"!

Caviar and foie gras to preview the Moet &Chandon Grand Vintage 2012.

Featuring fortified wines from the mainland and the island.

 A pour of Mencia and a conversation about wines of Galicia, past and present.

How I visited the South of France without ever leaving my house!

Not so long ago, Americans purchased Chile’s “fighting varietals” for everyday home consumption. But when it came to dining out, Chilean wines were thought of as déclassé—restaurant hosts wouldn’t think of listing them.

A wine writer's dozen from a region that now needs your support.

Whimsical labels tempt you and the wines seduce you!

Virginia wine producer tries her hand with California Chardonnay.

Mardi Gras is here. Are you pairing Wine and Gumbo? Here is the surprise that my decades of R&D have concluded.

Exploring the heel of Italy's boot and discovering exotic wine.

For some extra spice, we've added 3 new gins to our repetoire of wines.

This dynamic duo knows how to embrace life and make memorable wines!

For Valentine's Day, some variations for your Champagne celebration.

Among the wintry reds, some springtime blossoms of California Chardonnays.

Zuccardi and Balbo - wines from two Argentine stalwarts.

"Wine Masters Season 1 France", by Klaas de Jong, is a beautifully shot series about five wine making families, one from each of five premiere regions of France.  He is a feature film producer who has turned his hand to a topic he wanted to give  deeper treatment to  than is normally found.  Each segment gives the viewer a sense of place, or terroir,  that identifies each  growing region.


Classy wines from classic regions of the New and Old Worlds