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If it's summer, then pinot grigio fits the bill. Refreshing, bright, and reasonably priced, pinot grigio pairs well with food and satisfies a wide range of white wine drinkers. Consider Trentino DOC of the Italian options for its floral, fruity and mineral notes.

Vinexpo tried to conquer American in 2002 and 2004.  Now it's ready to try again.

If you drink Prosecco, this should get you thinking. Has the bottle on the shelf been languishing there for years,  or is it young and vibrant? Perhaps there can be a way to know.

What is the answer to, "How do you sell wine by the glass through the mail?"

Talking about a wine often leads to a discussion about the winery. Here are three California wineries who make special efforts to welcome guests and share their wines and vineyard experiences with them.

It’s often the people and places behind a wine as much as detail on the nose and finish that create a wine’s value. People dine out to “meet” the winemaker and learn where they make their wine. The principals and terroir at two Italian wineries recently captured my attention.

Burgundy has had a long run of short vintages, including its 2016. Start writing checks for the 2015.

Chile's Leyda Valley has been making wine for less that 20 years, but it is already famous for its quality.

Fine winemakers strive to craft a wine that captures the true essence of their unique terroir that cannot be replicated elsewhere. In the same vein, good writers strive to weave a unique story of interest to the reader, which by law, should be not replicated elsewhere. Could I succeed at combining both concepts?  Or was I more seduced by wine than by words?

Increasingly, new wineries are re-populating the mountains that ring this famous valley.

Beverage Trade Network Talks to Steve Dorfman, partner at Ciatti Company to share insights on factors to consider when selecting a bulk wine supply partner for your business. 

The Riesling Rendezvous conference hosted by Ste. Michelle Wine Estates and Dr. Loosen presents the state of riesling around the world. Hot topics this year included climate change and increased riesling production in unexpected places.

[Editor's Note: Enjoy our four-part series on wine preservation systems, by-the-glass programs, and how it may impact your business.]

Restaurateurs at the forefront of wine preservation technology can attest to the system’s financial merits. Wine savvy guests, who are more apt to try something new, know what to look for in a strong by-the-glass program.

Leaders in the industry understand what a crucial role their wine by-the-glass program plays in building a loyal customer base. Ordering wine by-the-glass should be seamless, free of stress or intimidation, and should foster a sense of excitement.

Today's wine lovers are more informed than ever. They know what they like, they know where to get it, and how to serve it right. Restaurants have to work hard just to meet the high standards of their guests. By playing close attention to presentation, preservation, temperature, and quality of service, they can add value to the wine itself.

An immodest proposal to give Vino Nobile di Montepulciano a simpler identity.

Could it be time to consider the rebirth of the carafe?

Get ready to pop open those ‘70s cabernets—it’s the 40th Anniversary of the Judgement of Paris. On May 24, 1976 Napa wine came of age and beat Bordeaux’s best. And the diverse gang that made it happen still makes waves in the wine world.

Wine books worth reading: Tangled Vines is a gripping tale of “greed, murder, obsession and an arsonist in the vineyards of California”; Riesling Rediscovered: Bight, Bold and Dry depicts the noble wine’s many angles.


In which we see that 'Sexual Chocolate' red goes well with many things.

The opportunity to meet winemakers and discover 10 tasting rooms which participate in the Pacific Coast Wine Trail tempted me to take a week-long road-trip along a 28-mile stretch of the famous California Highway 1 Discovery Route.

As a restaurant group whose menu mix is predominantly seafood we often find ourselves encouraging diners to indulge their natural red wine preference, despite whatever myths they may have absorbed over the years about white wine being the exclusive appropriate selection for whatever swims.