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Bars are often nickled and dimed into ruin, or considering today’s high prices, they’re quartered to death. And it happens with almost every flick of the wrist. The culprit is lax or nonexistent portion controls. A drink’s sales price is hinged to a specified portion of alcohol; if the amount of spirit fluctuates, the drink’s profit margin will waver as well.

Crus Bourgeois du Medoc have something for everyone.

Where does a pastry chef get his or her inspiration? For me, a walk down the streets of New York—which brings the aroma of roasted nuts, the sight of brightly decorated store windows, or the musical jingles of the Mister Softee truck—is enough to stir up my creative juices.

Lunching on Col Solare and Stag's Leap wines leads to many paths of contemplation.

Just what are those point scores we see in advertising supposed to mean?

These events become fun for the staff, giving them something that they can be proud of.

—gerhard tratter

We’re not too deadly serious.
We want the events to be strong on entertainment value with a bit of education snuck in. 

—andrew chase

A dinner at Aimee Olexy's new Philadelphia restaurant with Kathleen Inman pouring her Sonoma wines makes for an exciting evening.

Asparagus has a long history of being treasured. The early Greeks and Romans not only prized the elegant spear as a delicious food, they considered it an aphrodisiac as well as a nifty first aid treatment for bee stings and toothaches. 

A little sweetness is said to be a bad thing with asparagus, but I don’t agree. Some sweetness is just fine with asparagus.

Over the past 25 years, ex-architect Elena Walch has crafted a world-class winery in Alto Adige.

Make a commitment to stocking fresh mint, which lends itself to so many creative uses. Try it in variations of the mojito, caipirinhas, and caipiroscas or with fresh fruit in smashes.

Is ordering 'several plates for the table' a Kumbaya moment?

Freixenet's Cordon Negro shakes things up with creative Cava cocktails by Javier de las Muelas.

National Women’s History month during March led me to consider the women winemakers, vineyardists and vintners I’ve met over the past year. Some are newer to the trade while others have a longer perspective on how far women have journeyed in the profession.

Chef Anthony Goncalves never went to cooking school. He never started as a dishwasher or cooked under an award-winning chef. He never ran a large-scale operation. And yet, he is the chef and co-owner behind the 210-seat, 27,000 square-foot restaurant, 42 at the Ritz-Carlton Westchester, which sits atop the tallest building between Boston and New York with postcard worthy views of the Manhattan skyline and Hudson River Valley. How did Goncalves achieve such success in an industry so ridden with competition and closures? Equal parts talent, passion, charisma and, of course, a faithful Westchester investor.

Of Spain’s trio of celebrated red wine regions, La Rioja has a long international reputation for excellence. Priorat, which burst on the wine scene two decades ago, remains aglow with praise for its distinctive high-octane, mineral-laden wines. Ribera del Duero, like Priorat, is short on fine-wine history, but it doesn’t generate the same gush of print and online media attention. Smart American restaurant buyers, however, seek out and list Ribera wines.

Food-friendly wines from Ribera del Duero offer broad ranges of styles and prices that most american restaurants can embrace, from value-priced, fruity, quaffable Joven/Roble bottlings to complex and age worthy Riservas and Gran Reservas.

I’ve never been baptized before. And I never liked black truffle until a miracle happened at La Toque in Napa Valley. Chef Ken Frank served up the trinity of good truffles, food and wine to accomplish this conversion.

Mondavi family winemaking without the drama.

Local experts in the city by the bay to share their thoughts on the latest food and wine trends emerging in San Francisco’s dining scene. 

When it comes to evaluating the wine scene, Moueix marks the spots.

“There are no linens on the table, and we have an evolving menu. Ray’s and Stark Bar was about breaking the rules without breaking standards.” – Reza Samadi

“As a cook, would you rather fill a computer-generated order or steal a few minutes to talk with the eccentric fellow who has arrived with a basket of just-picked string beans?" -Alice Waters