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Not ready to say goodbye to summer? Beverage Director Ryan McGrale has the drink for you.

These two Alto Adige reds have special flavors worth exploring.

One of the best ways to discover the "secrets" of this very important region is to visit.

Sommeliers Liz Vilardi and Orla Murphy-LaScola share some satisfyingly delicious Sauvignon Blancs.

Training oriented to sauce components will provide invaluable insights into basic food chemistry and how the senses operate.

Lovers of Rieslings sometimes abandon sweet reason.

Lots of great wine coming out of Spain these days. Get a sense of some lesser known regions, and wineries that call them home.

Its wines have always been there, and now we are getting to taste them.

On April 1, 2013, iconic Napa Valley winemaker Mike Grgich celebrated his 90th birthday.

I had the pleasure of attending a demanding but highly informative tasting at the 3 West Club, NYC on October 1, 2013 covering a large number of Argentine wines, with



In a very diverse region, let's just keep it simple.

The village’s East End Wine Row provides an opportunity for visitors to sip award-winning wines at its six boutique tasting rooms.

Some musings on pairings at an Alamos wine dinner at Ela in South Philly.

"Gruyere is perfect for our mussel gratin because of its delicious taste and consistency. When it melts, it stays soft without becoming chewy or stringy, all while maintaining its depth of flavor and enhancing the overall dish.”

Les Marchands is the sort of library that wine geeks dream about.

The iconic Napa winery has been a leader in exploring the inter-relationships of people who produce food and wine and those who consume them.

Gruyere, named after the Swiss town of Gruyeres, is one of Switzerland’s most prevalent cheeses.

Laura Ann Masura and Gail Izaguirre help the summer wind down with some twists on the classics.

The fifth wave of America's wine discovery is surging from some unexpected places.

“What I love is that the customers are a constant blend of business people, politicos and tourists. We see more business people when Congress is in session and more tourists during the holidays and in the summer.” - David Moran

Enjoying a beer and a shot - both made locally - in what just might be America's most-livable town.

Calabrian food may not ring culinary bells like Neapolitan pizza or steak Florentine. So how do chefs entice diners to a lesser known cuisine, even from a well-eaten nation like Italy?

The latest installment of Santé's ongoing South African exploration.

On July 19th, members of the Santa Maria Valley Wine Country Association paid tribute to Clendenen in a heart-felt evening at Bien Nacido Vineyards, as part of the Chardonnay Symposium.