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Sure, it’s easy to overlook some tip income, ignore a portion of the operation’s receipts, or pad a few of the restaurant’s expense payments.  Fudging---not to mention blatant cheating---is becoming more widespread every

Increasingly, wineries are adding upscale food to their tastings repertoires, and restaurant chefs have few reservations about tossing their toques unto the tasting bars.

New Zealand’s South Island is as close as the Southern Hemisphere gets to Burgundy, the Loire, Champagne, Alsace, and Germany. Alternatively, think all of California’s Coastal Regions, Oregon, and eastern Washington crammed into one


Today’s kitchen leader will create and implement a new menu on a weekly, seasonal, or annual basi

The global market of old-world grains now represents an abundance of toothsome, cost-effective, and texture-perfect accompaniments that can be dressed up or down to suit any cuisine or concept...

Botanically, grains are the seeds and fruits of various cereal grasses. Many so-called grains, such as amaranth, quinoa, and wild rice don’t belong

Most bar managers need to develop a comprehensive strategy of training, promotion, pricing, and tasting---perhaps the most important factor in debuting a new product.

Before the American Civil War, before phylloxera wiped out the vineyards of Europe, before Darwin published his "On the Origin of the Species," a winegrower in the Douro Valley laid down a few barrels of his 1855 vintage.  Last y

Charles de Gaulle once said of his country, “How can you govern a nation that makes four hundred kinds of cheese?”

I’m no Harvard business grad, but in just ten years I have built a small special-event business from my own kitchen into a multimillion-dollar enterprise. The gradient has been steep, at times challenging, but I have certainly learned a t

This rustic Roman-style eatery with exposed brick walls and naked beams is open to the sky with its large skylight

Have you ever wondered how the great wines are made?  Eric Miller, winemaker and co-owner of Pennsylvania's Chaddsford Winery, constantly thinks about it.  So he picked up the phone and asked some of the world's best winemaker

 Santé’s readers have likely mastered the tricky words. But what about your front-of-house staff? 

The lights dim, two men dressed as Roman Centurions enter the room. They approach a wall and the wall rises to reveal…not Caesar but, instead, two chefs! 

The keys to making and serving great punch are quite simple. First, as in making any wonderful libation, utilize premium ingredients, from spirits, wines, and sparklers to fresh, seasonal fruits and juices. 

There is no foolproof way to prevent all inappropriate behavior and the lawsuits that may follow.

America’s West Coast is blessed with a number of prime areas for Cabernet Sauvignon, from Washington’s Red Mountain to some special hilltop vineyards in California’s Santa Cruz Mountains. But an appellation that has garnered a

Nimbleness is critical to a successful restaurant business. No matter the size of your operation, you must respond rapidly to market changes, customer input, and new opportunities. How do you know what changes to make, and when to make them?

In fact, the great majority of people in the workforce are actually looking for a company worthy of their loyalty!

Turn your patrons on to classic and new aperitifs to stimulate your clientele’s juices and curiosity---and fatten the check. 

Garlic, Allium sativum, has a long past...surprisingly, it took until the first half of the twentieth century for the architects of American haute cuisine to embrace the timeless ingredient.

For us all, especially those in the restaurant and hospitality industry, the holiday season is by far the busiest time of the year. Despite the shorter days and longer hours, here at Santé central we always pause to give special thanks t