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If you drink Prosecco, this should get you thinking. Has the bottle on the shelf been languishing there for years,  or is it young and vibrant? Perhaps there can be a way to know.

What is the answer to, "How do you sell wine by the glass through the mail?"

Talking about a wine often leads to a discussion about the winery. Here are three California wineries who make special efforts to welcome guests and share their wines and vineyard experiences with them.

It’s often the people and places behind a wine as much as detail on the nose and finish that create a wine’s value. People dine out to “meet” the winemaker and learn where they make their wine. The principals and terroir at two Italian wineries recently captured my attention.

Burgundy has had a long run of short vintages, including its 2016. Start writing checks for the 2015.

When I came into this industry as an apprentice many years ago, there was little opportunity for me outside the kitchen. A chef earning a degree was unheard of, and most management trainees went to a hotel school, where they learned their techn

Threesomes usually are the stuff of cross-the-line personal ads. But for Pat and Dan Conway, co-owners of the Great Lakes Brewing Cleveland, Ohio, Company (GLBC), a three-way approach into running their operation is anything but risqué—or risky. At the microbrewery and restaurant the brothers opened in 1988, business is steady and strong because the Conways never take their eyes off what’s been dubbed the triple bottom line: people, planet, and profit.

These crafty master distillers just want to have fun - and make a little extra cash - after retiring from corporate spirituality.

From vodka made from milk to liqueur crafted with poblano chiles, from classic Bourbon with 1,001 barrel options to American single malt whiskey aged in local oak, the spirits world is popping with unique options.

It is hot, black, bitter and smooth. A light caramel-colored foam rims the tiny white cup. A packet of sugar, a small biscuit and a little silver spoon sit alongside. My first café crème.

Chile's Leyda Valley has been making wine for less that 20 years, but it is already famous for its quality.

When dining out at home, I chose a menu that included Pho noodle soup rather than lemon condiment courgette. I wondered how I was going to learn the lingo to write about this food. I could at least draw on my skills as a landscape designer and garden writer to appreciate what lay on my plate from a visual perspective.

On the fourth day, we worked on rough drafts of our stories. Jean-Loup Verdier, the co-owner of Hotel Evêché, invited me to sit at a table on the patio to write where the Provençal light provided illumination.

The Lost Distillery Company is bringing dead Scotches back to life.

Fine winemakers strive to craft a wine that captures the true essence of their unique terroir that cannot be replicated elsewhere. In the same vein, good writers strive to weave a unique story of interest to the reader, which by law, should be not replicated elsewhere. Could I succeed at combining both concepts?  Or was I more seduced by wine than by words?

I woke up on that Tuesday morning in Vaison la Romaine keenly aware that today was going to be hair cut day.  My hair had exploded overnight. I went to bed looking like myself and woke up looking like Marge Simpson.

What if they sell out of those Carpentras strawberries before I get there? Will I have enough time to explore the stalls of seasonal produce? Seek out the local delicacy of Nyon olives?

Searching for the soul of Vincent Van Gogh in St. Remy de Provence.

Chef Richard Erickson of Blue Mountain Bistro Catering rediscovers the magic of Provence during a week-long travel, food and wine writing class in Vaison la Romaine, France

Increasingly, new wineries are re-populating the mountains that ring this famous valley.

Beverage Trade Network Talks to Steve Dorfman, partner at Ciatti Company to share insights on factors to consider when selecting a bulk wine supply partner for your business. 

The Riesling Rendezvous conference hosted by Ste. Michelle Wine Estates and Dr. Loosen presents the state of riesling around the world. Hot topics this year included climate change and increased riesling production in unexpected places.

Whether you are starting a new private label, trying to procure wine to meet demand or off loading excess inventory, understanding how to successfully buy and sell bulk wine is an essential part of any modern wine business.

[Editor's Note: Enjoy our four-part series on wine preservation systems, by-the-glass programs, and how it may impact your business.]