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Kevin Zraly hosted a very well attended seminar at the Hilton New York, on February 8, as part of the 2011 Italian Wine Masters. The annual event brings many great Tuscan producers, along with DOCG Prosecco to New York. This year Zraly was on h

Bernard Kenner

For those of us in the wine and hospitality trade, attending one of the international wine fairs in France, Italy or England is a required life experience.  Get ready to book your flights - the first one opens next month.

Roger Morris

An annual wine celebration highlights the differences in how people who drink a lot - professionally or as learned amateurs - prefer to enjoy and evaluate their wines.

Roger Morris

The restaurant, Gnocco, which specializes in northern italian fare, is named after its signature dish, fried gnocco served with northern italian cold cuts. Gnoccos are generally made with lard, but not here! Sensitive to vegetarians the gnocco

Every dish at Pó is a delight to the senses but the Grilled Guinea Hen with roasted corn, scallions, fregula & saba was glorious! It simply melted in the mouth releasing layers upon layers of flavor.

There is a reason why Sushi Zen’s meals are like Tibetan Buddhist sand paintings, with their ephemeral relationship to the artist and to the consumer. Chef Susuki has studied Buddhism all his life and brings its values and sensibilities t

After months of crossing the desert of winter, the arrival of the first 2010 pink wines awakens our palates and makes us think of spring menus and hot-weather, wines-by-the-glass programs.

Roger Morris

Before the American Civil War, before phylloxera wiped out the vineyards of Europe, before Darwin published his "On the Origin of the Species," a winegrower in the Douro Valley laid down a few barrels of his 1855 vintage.  Last y

Roger Morris

This rustic Roman-style eatery with exposed brick walls and naked beams is open to the sky with its large skylight