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Añejo rums are smooth and luxurious. These aged rums have more in common with Cognac and Sherry than they do with their light rum, un-aged counterparts. They are elegant, sophisticated spirits best appreciated in a brandy snifter.

To ensure heightened wine sales now and for years to come, it would be wise for hospitality professionals to create sales-building programs that cater to these extremely stable—and thirsty— consumers.

All restaurateurs would agree that controlling food costs is a primary constituent of any winning operating formula. Culinary schools cover the subject in detail, and self-taught chef/owners develop a working system or quickly go out of business. At Toulouse and Portofino, my restaurants in Atlanta, we’ve developed a method of costing out each menu item plate we serve.

It’s been said that you can tell the mood of a chef by eating his or her food. Similarly, it’s been argued that winemakers and their wines resemble one another. In the case of restaurant staffs, the attitudes of managers are reflected in the demeanor of employees under them.

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ProWein in 2015 will no longer feature a distinct “organic” pavilion which was originally necessitated both by the increase in the number of self-identified organic producers participating in ProWein from a mere 17 producers in 2005 to roughly 300 in 2014, and by a professional interest to bring attention to the growth of this segment. This return of organic wines to their national pavilions at ProWein 2015 is just further proof both of the growth of these wines in numbers, as well as in importance.