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So I have this idea...

So far I have a good idea as to going about pitching an eatery idea to a financer/ investor/ possible partner but what about diving into the idea myself? I was surprised to find out that even the simplest idea takes careful time in executing and the timing, marketing and launching the idea can make or break the idea. Now I don't want to divulge my complete concept but I know its definitely a good idea because it is already working in an accompanying state but I haven't seen it here. I ask myself, why? And there simply seems to be no answer. 

1) How can I go about or where do I start to figure out that there might be an untapped niche for this sort of eatery? (i.e. how do I go about the research?)

2) I jumped into an idea with my current eatery and it did very well...but this is a new concept. I know this is not a yes/no answer but can I depend on that same idea of launching a unique menu and theme to possibly take off here in NY? For ex. 2 guys started a meatball takeout spot in The Village, NYC where all they sell are meatballs and meatball heroes.  There was no idea like it therefore they started it and it took off. Should I trust my intuition?