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Viv & Oak Disrupts the Traditional Wine Market with a Powerful New Blend

Viv & Oak Cannabis-Infused Wine
Viv & Oak
Viv & Oak

Alana Burstein knows a little bit about being disruptive. Her three-year labor of love culminated in the creation of a truly innovative wine product that may conceivably turn the wine industry on its ear. Although it may not be for everyone, it just might bring enough Millennials into the wine world to discredit recent industry reports from the IWSR and Silicon Valley Bank. Recent findings indicate that wine consumption among Americans has dropped for the first time in 25 years and that wine over-production and under-consumption may be due, in part, to Millennials preferring other social beverages than wine.

Not so fast.

Enter Viv & Oak Cannabis-Infused Sparkling Rosé.

Pouring this wine into a glass is a glorious sight to behold. Part sparkling wine and part light, fruity beverage, the semi-opaque, pale salmon-colored liquid offers a pearlescent effervescence that beckons your lips to the glass. Essence of grapefruit comes to the nose as well as notes of tropical fruit such as guava and passionfruit. The consumer already knows this is not your ordinary wine.

Hints of grapefruit on the palate segue to a smooth, mellow flavor of mixed fruit that is light and refreshing enough to drink on a warm, summer day. The taste of cannabis is not overpowering but rather a soft undertone to the overall fruitiness.

Is it really wine?
The answer is yes with some caveats. Wine is typically made from fermented grapes and contains alcohol. Viv & Oak takes premium wine and removes 99.5% of the alcohol before infusing it with cannabis. Two versions of Viv & Oak rosé are available: one with CBD and THC and the other with just THC. CBD (cannabidiol) is an active ingredient in cannabis that does not produce a “high”. It has a variety of purported medical uses, from aiding anxiety and sleep problems to relieving chronic pain. THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), however, is the main psychoactive ingredient in cannabis that provides an elevated feeling of calm and wellness. According to the Viv & Oak website, “CBD has a well-documented synergy with THC by reducing THC’s negative effects and amplifying its benefits. This collaborative relationship is called the Entourage Effect.”

Why Cannabis-Infused Wine?
Alana Burstein, the founder of Viv & Oak, had aspirations to start her own business that were spurred into action after an evening of too many glasses of wine. Since many non-alcoholic wines on the market have an overabundance of sugar and juice flavors that weren’t particularly palatable to Burstein, she set out to create a new wine alternative. With the imminent legalization of cannabis, the marriage of wine grapes and cannabis was a match made in Heaven. The result: a flavorful beverage with only 4 grams of sugar and 24 calories per glass that also offers up a social experience like no other libation. Plus, there’s negligible alcohol in Viv & Oak cannabis-infused beverage which means there’s no chance of a hangover the next morning. The beverage delivers cannabis in a safe, healthy way. A healthier alternative to smoking and a more predictable elevation than cannabis edibles, Viv & Oak’s proprietary “nano-encapsulation” process produces a rapid 10-15 minute onset time. Traditional cannabis edibles can take from 30 minutes up to 2 hours to take effect which can lead to overconsumption. The effects of the cannabis-infused beverage last for roughly an hour, making responsible drinking more attainable.

Although seasoned wine aficionados may dismiss this beverage as “not wine,” Viv & Oak will likely appeal to wine drinkers who are looking for something new to try, consumers who want to avoid alcohol and it just may bring Millennials closer to the wine world. Could cannabis-infused rosé be the gateway beverage that sparks Millennials’ interest in traditional wines? Time will tell.

Burstein will be a speaker at the Lo & No Beverage Summit this June 2nd and 3rd in Los Angeles, California. This summit is focused on innovation in the low alcohol and non-alcoholic drink market.

Viv & Oak Cannabis-Infused Sparkling Rosé is currently available only in California. It will be served in restaurants and will be sold in dispensaries as well as online for shipment within the state.

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