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This fall cocktail is a perfect accompaniment for dessert or as an after-dinner drink while contemplating the change of seasons.

Sweetly herbaceous on the nose, this amaro has a smooth, creamy texture and provides rich flavors of licorice and anise on the palate. Distilled from an ancient recipe of herbs and spices, it performs well as an aperitif or cocktail ingredient.

Pouring a glass of Alizé Mango releases a bouquet of creamy mango and passion fruit aromas. A sip does not betray the premium French vodka base but reveals additional sweet tropical flavors. There is no alcohol burn or alcohol smell as you continue to savor the rich tropical fruits. Refreshing neat or in cocktails.

Deep red, this cassis delivers a fresh blackcurrant bouquet. Its solid texture provides a suffusion of currant flavors on the palate. Adds texture, color, and rich blackcurrant flavors to cocktails.

Slowly but surely women are making their presence known in the wine industry by assuming important roles from operations management and business development to winemaker and winery owner. 

National Mezcal Day is a perfect occasion to try Ojo de Tigre - an artisanal mezcal created by renowned Mexican actor and producer Luis Gerardo Méndez.

What could be better fall drinking than California Pinots, Cabs and Merlots?

Every time I return to Lake Chelan, I’m struck by the number of new restaurants, wineries and hotels.

Many wine bottles are too pretty to throw out. So, enjoy the wine and then get creative with the empty bottle!

Chef Isaac Toups talks gumbo for National Gumbo Day on October 12 with a bold admonishment: "Don't skim the fat off the top!"

This Mango Mule eases you from summer to fall with its fruity taste and autumnal aromas.

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Think of them as dependable, always good, sometimes spectacular.

Company Will Give MOD Squad Members Time Off to Vote, Provide Voting Resources for Customers and Squads

A unique Portland distillery with a woman owner and talented woman distiller, Freeland Spirits is serving up “farm to bottle” gin, whiskey, and canned cocktails.

Vermont Creamery Crème Fraîche, the French-style culinary cream long favored by professional chefs, is quickly becoming an essential kitchen staple for increasingly ambitious home cooks looking for more complex recipes and ingredients.

A few tasty treats from Loire Valley to pair with your next meal!

A vinous light at the edge of the autumnal tunnel leading to winter's darkness.


We are celebrating women winemakers all over the world! Here are some of our top picks from importer Winesellers, Ltd.


Sicily is the second-largest wine-producing region in Italy with Puglia being first. However, Sicily takes first place for the actual number of vineyards in a region and with so many wineries spread throughout the island, exploration is endless. Since travel is on the back burner for now, my visits to Sicily for the foreseeable future will be through the amazing wine samples that I receive.

Winter is cabernet time. Summer is all about rosé. What are the best drinks for autumn? Here are some beverages to bridge from picnics to the comfort of the holidays.

Join me on a trip to Valdobbiadene to taste the finest Prosecco made!

A couple of exotic whites, but mainly Cabs and Pinots from the West Coast.