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Articles in "Wine"

Ushering in spring with some delightful rosés from around the world.

Make the best of a bad situation by opening a good bottle of wine - all by yourself.

It may not be a good time to travel to Italy, but it's the perfect time to pour a little "Italy" into your wine glass!

Today's lesson: You can't always tell a wine's quality or price by its appellation.

New findings confirm that a glass of Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot Noir, or any other type of red wine may even help to boost your workouts.

To kick off Women's History Month, we take a look at some groundbreaking women in the wine industry.

Honoring women and their achievements during the month of March!  Let's start with the iconic winemaker, Susana Balbo!

For leisurely and party drinking, some inexpensive finds from Southern Europe.

The Fontanafredda estate began as a gift of love from the king of Spain to his beloved mistress. It eventually became the largest contiguous wine estate in the Langhe and still is.

Planet Grape Wine Review panelist and Chardonnay expert Fred Swan, has reviewed quite a few New World Chardonnay’s recently. Here are his top ten.

Elegant sparkling wines not to be missed.

A vinous menagerie from around the world - all under $50, half under $20.

Special treats for Valentine's Day or a "just because" day!

When I worked in fine dining in San Francisco as a Beverage Director and floor sommelier, we tended to view holidays such as Valentine’s Day and New Year’s Eve as “amateur hour.” When I worked in Manhattan, we would refer to this as “bridge and tunnel,” both implying the same thing – these were not our regular guests, they were here for a special occasion.

Follow me to the enchanting region of Custoza where expressive white wines will sate your palate.

Giving traditional Valentine's Day romantic memes an update.

Five amazing wines from Southwest France for under $15!  

Luxury Wine Marketing, The Art and Science of Luxury Wine Branding, is a must read for any food and beverage or hospitality industry professional dealing with upper tier wines.

What happens when two cultures and two famous wineries get together?  Read this story to find out!

With tariffs in place and more being considered, it's time to let Europe know how much we still care.

New cannabis-infused sparkling wine takes wine consumption to new heights.

Two dispatches say that American wine consumers have stopped drinking more. Should we be worried about that?

Do you know what Brachetto is or where it's from? Read this story to learn about Brachetto d'Acqui, DOCG palate pleasing wines!

With a long family history and intense passion at its core, each bottle from Tayson Pierce Estate Wines possesses a rich history of its own.