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Articles in "Wine"

Not so long ago, Americans purchased Chile’s “fighting varietals” for everyday home consumption. But when it came to dining out, Chilean wines were thought of as déclassé—restaurant hosts wouldn’t think of listing them.

A wine writer's dozen from a region that now needs your support.

Whimsical labels tempt you and the wines seduce you!

Virginia wine producer tries her hand with California Chardonnay.

Mardi Gras is here. Are you pairing Wine and Gumbo? Here is the surprise that my decades of R&D have concluded.

Exploring the heel of Italy's boot and discovering exotic wine.

For some extra spice, we've added 3 new gins to our repetoire of wines.

This dynamic duo knows how to embrace life and make memorable wines!

For Valentine's Day, some variations for your Champagne celebration.

Among the wintry reds, some springtime blossoms of California Chardonnays.

Zuccardi and Balbo - wines from two Argentine stalwarts.

"Wine Masters Season 1 France", by Klaas de Jong, is a beautifully shot series about five wine making families, one from each of five premiere regions of France.  He is a feature film producer who has turned his hand to a topic he wanted to give  deeper treatment to  than is normally found.  Each segment gives the viewer a sense of place, or terroir,  that identifies each  growing region.


Classy wines from classic regions of the New and Old Worlds

Shopping at the worldwide wine bazaar isn't at all bizarre.

From simply red to complex red - a rouge for most occasions and every pocketbook.

Opening a bottle of bubbly can be a daunting experience for anyone but particularly for those with minimal experience. Practice makes perfect.

As the Times Square ball falls around midnight, there will be an uprising of bubbles!

Some great choices for holiday gifts and dinner wines that will not be re-gifted.

As you enter the Veneto region at the base of the Alps you encounter steep mountains of grape dedicated to developing the best and only offcially designated Proseccos.

A selection of current wine releases worth exploring.

Finding gifts for my family has become part of the adventure - things with a touch of the exotic to help them feel a little closer to what I saw and smelled and did on my travels. This is the story of how I left home alone, meandered to Tuscany for a travel-writing class, and searched for presents that should make each recipient look forward to my next escape as much as I do.

Bristish-educated and born into royalty, American food critic Roy Andries de Groot shook up California's wine world with his Classification of 1982.

I know what I taste in my wine, even if I don't know how it got there.

7 true stories to tell consumers while you're uncorking their bottles.