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Beverages for a Happy Father's Day

#Lou 2019 by Peyrassol; Photo credit: Peyrassol

Here is a round-up of diverse Father’s Day beverages to please Dads, Stepdads, Grandpas, Uncles, Family-Friend Dads and anyone in your life.
Grand Brulot VSOP Cognac Café 

My husband took possession of the Grand Brulot bottle as soon as it was delivered. This Papa gave up on Kahlua long ago with its awkward, manufactured taste of coffee and liquor. After I traveled to the Cognac region and introduced him to the spirit, he evolved into a fan of the aged brandy.

To produce Grand Brulot, the fifth generation Tadry Cognac family infused 100 percent essence of Robusta Ecuadorian coffee into 80 proof Cognac, let it rest in for barrel several months, and produced a most satisfying coffee drink.

Grand Brulot delivers the equivalent of one shot of espresso per serving. Two centuries ago, coffee flavored Cognac was a popular after dinner digestif in France. New Orleans launched its own tradition at Antoine’s with café brûlot or hot coffee. A server flamed brandy-spiked coffee as it was poured down a spiral of orange zest into a silver bowl heated by a ring of fire. Spectacular, yes, safe to do at home, no.

It makes more sense to try a snifter of Grand Brulot. You’ll find a smooth, rich mouthfeel, and the Cognac isn’t overpowered by the coffee. Fortunately, there is no bitter after taste. Or, try it over ice cream for a Father's Day dessert.

Five Wives Vodka

Okay, the name might amuse a few men. But this this vodka is no joke. First of all, Ogden’s Own distillery is located in Ogden, Utah, a state not known for its high-flying cocktail bars. Yet Ogden was a cross country stop in the early railroad days—and does have bars and bootlegger history.

I tried Five Wives in some of my favorite vodka drinks. First, on its own, I noticed the clean, rounded flavor of the corn-based vodka. The dirty vodka martini didn’t turn harsh with the vodka but left a well-rounded mouthfeel. The Five Wives blended well with my Bloody Mary. This spirit also comes in flavors at 35 percent ABV (alcohol by volume): Sinful with cinnamon and Heavenly with buttery, vanilla notes. Could these flavors be marketed more for women? Let’s face it. Some men like hints of spice and sweetness in their drink, too.

Another Ogden’s Own spirits is Underground herbal liquor. My vodka-eschewing husband preferred the intriguing blend of 33 herb flavors and spices in the herbal liquor. Sipping it neat to get the full flavor profile, he liked the lively mouthfeel, the hint of ginseng, and lingering finish.

Wood Family Vineyards

This winery near San Francisco has a zinfandel named Big Wood Red which might be considered an easy pick for Father’s Day. This zinfandel attracts with a berry-smokey aroma, and then carries the smoke and pepper notes throughout the sip. This full-bodied wine with lots of structure pleases the ladies, too, with the ripe berry notes of the Livermore Valley fruit.

But Rhonda Wood, the woman owner-winemaker, noted that her husband sips her Para Mas Amigas chardonnay every evening including Father’s Day, though he doesn’t take the name seriously which translates as ‘for more girlfriends.’” Added Wood, “We barrel age our chardonnay in 100 percent French oak which gives a richness to the wine and tames down the acid. Most men and women love this style.”

#Lou 2019 by Peyrassol
Founded by the Knights Templar, the Commanderie de Peyrassol domain has a long history in Provence. The Chateau Peyrassol and Le Clos Peyrassol produce many fine wines. The rosé under those labels are about three times the cost of #Lou brand at around $15. The wine is bottled with four different label colors and is blatantly marketed toward those more familiar with hashtags, social posts and tattoo imagery such as the highlighted feather art. After tasting #Lou, the citrus aromas and gooseberry notes with just-enough acidity, I decided grilled shrimp would be the ideal accompaniment for Dad. The bright finish will appeal to all ages and gender preferences.

And several new products:
Martini & Rossi Frosé and Frosecco

As more states open for socializing, Martini & Rossi Frosé and Frosecco are much quicker and convenient to serve than homemade frozen cocktails. The first packaged frozen prosecco cocktails, Frosé and Frosecco are made with all-natural fruit flavors, Italian wine, and natural cane sugar. The recyclable pouches are easy-as-summertime-pie to use: Freeze, sip and serve. On hot summer days, the low ABV (alcohol by volume) at 5.5 percent in a 10-ounce, pouches, is a good thing and virtually headache proof compared to imbibing the same ounces of high proof spirits.

Square One Organic Ready to Drink Cocktails

Woman-owned organic spirits company Square One has joined the canned cocktail bandwagon. What sets their products apart is fairly clear. The sparkling cocktails contain all organic ingredients—a rare find on the canned cocktail shelf—made without artificial preservatives. With vodka, real juice, and botanical extracts, the cocktails are lightly carbonated without added sugars. I tried the Cucumber Therapy with vodka: cucumber, rose, ginger, and lime and found it quite pleasing and invigorating—a fine thing for everyone on Father’s Day.

Cutwater Spirits Canned Cocktails

With a wide variety of canned coctkails, Cutwater Spirits is apt to satisfy someone on your Dad’s list. From Tequila Lime Margaritas to Whiskey Highballs and Tiki Rum Mai Tais, there’s a flavor that the gentlemen—and women—would like. I tried the Bloody Mary cocktails. Not a spice girl, I tried the mild version and found a non-overwhelming wallop of flavor. For others, the spicy version will please. With an ABV from 7 percent to about 12.5 percent, the drinks are a natural addition to picnics and barbecues.


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