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Dale DeGroff to speak at the Santé Symposium in VR

Years ago, Santé developed the Santé Restaurant Symposium. It was an event renowned for the encouragement of camaraderie,  education, and discovery of exciting hospitality products and practices. We are bringing this back online in 2020 using virtual reality!

When we say virtual reality, we mean actual VR where you see other people as avatars and talk to them as if you were in a real room. If you have VR goggles, you would feel as if you were actually in the place.

The Santé VR Symposium will transport you worldwide, bringing you fresh ideas to enhance your restaurant or bar's success.

We'll take you behind the scenes, to restaurants, vineyards, and distilleries and introduce you to trending products and management solutions. At the symposium, you can meet some of the top influencers in the world!

The Santé VR Symposium officially launches on November 9th, 1:00 PM EST but can be previewed today. Just click here.

Featured on November 9th. is Dale DeGroff, King Cocktail. He will take us on a journey through the history of the martini. Erik Andersson, Hendrick's Gin Brand Ambassador, will join Dale to present, mix and share the martini's incredible story in a completely immersive virtual 3D environment.

This 90-minute debut event is the future of virtual meetings. You will be able to engage with the speakers and the audience as if you were in a real room.

Registration is free, but the first 20 registrants will have a seat in the room as avatars. Seated participants will be able to ask Dale questions directly. Other registrants will still be able to watch the live presentation and ask questions via the built-in chat.

Booths in the Santé VR Symposium Atrium will feature companies. Company representatives will be on hand to present and discuss their products. You will be able to explore exhibits and have side conversations with your fellow attendees.

Register now to guarantee a seat at this milestone event!

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