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The Dozen - Daze of Days

There is some logic in having a reason to celebrate every day, and our friends whose job it is to publicize adult beverages seem to have found some reason to honor every one of them. Admittedly, we can’t keep up with this barrage, but occasionally we must give in.

With this Dozen, we have a few shots of Tequila for those of you who want to be Mexican for a day by celebrating Cinco de Mayo. We also want to honor good ol’ Mom who probably needs a drink if she is still in lockdown with all the kids, large or small.

In a Wall Street Journal article a couple of years ago, writer Lettie Teague said that it isn’t just fiction that women prefer white wine. The majority, she found, really do. I’ll take Lettie’s word for it and go with eight white wines for Mother’s Day. And if you’re not sheltering in place with Mom and can’t be there for her special day, send her a whole case. She may not even miss your not being there.

2019 Aia Vecchia Toscana Vermentino ($14). Crisp, clean flavors of green fruits with a pleasant touch of chalkiness and dry honeycomb in the finish.

2018 Chamisal Central Coast Stainless Chardonnay ($15). Crisp and tart, but with some fresh-corn butteriness among the apples.

2018 Les Alexandrins Viognier Vin de France ($15). Floral but firm with combo tropical and green fruits with crisp finish.

2019 Alois Lageder “Terra Alpina” Dolomiti Pinot Grigio IGT ($16). Juicy, sweet-tart flavors with light, dusty tannins.

2018 Tasca d'Almerita Regaleali “Antisa” Sicilia Catarratto ($18). Lightly spicy with fragrant, fruity/savory flavors, good structure and a note of ginger in the finish.

2017 Artesa Carneros Chardonnay ($20). Fresh and creamy, light on the palate with a combo of fresh and mellow apple flavors.

2018 Gehricke Russian River Chardonnay ($27). Mellow apples and toffee flavors, medium weight, crisp finsh.

2017 Anaba “J McK” Carneros Chardonnay ($46). Lovely – fresh fruitiness with a light coating of new oak and a pleasant tanginess in the finish.

Dano’s Dangerous Blanco Tequila ($48). Smoky, with a pleasant, smooth, natural sweetness and a gentle bite at the finish.

Dano’s Dangerous Reposado Tequila ($53). Vegetal aromas and flavors blend into the smokiness with a salty nuts finish.

Dano’s Dangerous Añejo Tequila ($58). Very good, Opulent fruitiness – mangoes, pineapples – with baby-smooth finish.

Dano’s Dangerous Pineapple & Jalapeño Tequila ($40). Enjoyable, but the flavors are more isolated than integrated, and the heat factor is fairly low.  Good for blended cocktails.

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