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Radio Show Hosts Share Their Passion for Food and Wine with the Santé Audience

Many people ask us how we met. There are two stories. The one that makes people laugh is this: “We met at David’s ex-girlfriend’s coming-out dinner party in Manhattan in 2003.” She invited all her ex-boyfriends to introduce everyone to her new girlfriend.  Actually, we met much earlier and then lost track of each other for many years.

Here’s the long version of the story:
A bottle of Hudson Valley wine first brought us together in 1990. David’s family owned Rivendell Winery in New Paltz. I owned a culinary marketing and events agency in New York City called M. Young Communications. We were introduced by a mutual friend in the industry (the ex-girlfriend). We lost touch over time as we pursued separate careers and lives. In 2003, we reconnected at that that ex-girlfriend’s dinner party in Manhattan and rekindled a friendship that evolved into a romance over more bottles of wine. Eventually, David joined my agency to produce wine events around the nation for clients including Wines from Spain, Consorzio Brunello di Montalcino and Bon Appetit Magazine.

In 2006, David proposed marriage on-stage at The James Beard Foundation Awards, a program I was responsible for helping create, manage and produce for 16 years. You can view the proposal on YouTube. Wedded in New Orleans where I have family on March 17, 2007, we have been married 12 years now.

After completing treatment for breast cancer in 2010, I decided to change my life and direction. We have transformed our passion for good food, fine wine and travel and talent for storytelling into producing and hosting our two shows and writing. We both write for several publications and travel extensively. We both work on our weekly 50-minute radio show, The Connected Table LIVE!, and companion mini-podcast series, The Connected Table SIPS! which can be heard anytime right here, on Santé:

“We spotlight personalities and thought leaders who help shape food, wine, spirits and hospitality around the world. It’s all about sharing the stories about interesting people in the business of producing delicious food and fine beverages through engaging conversation. We’ve interviewed over 400 people since launching in 2014."

I also host a second show for women called Fearless Fabulous You! (Wednesdays, 12 noon EST) which spotlights women entrepreneurs and experts on health and wellness. And I'm launching a new blog called “The Traveling Wine Glass.

The Connected Table on Santé

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