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The Weekly Dozen - Pinkish

As we round the far turn, galloping toward the finish of winter and the start of spring, we suddenly mix metaphors and offer you a bouquet of fresh rosés.

Ah, rosés!  Sometimes, we go on about them too much, perhaps in apology for having ignored them all of these years like – metaphor alert – suddenly discovering the sweetheart next door. But even though rosés are no longer new news, they have carved out a special place on our personal wine lists.

So – we have here a blend of sparkling pinks and still pinks, all of them good to very good, most of them very affordable and even the ones that aren’t are still worth the price. And look for more to come; the deluge of pink wine is just beginning.

NV Famille Perrin “La Vieille Ferme Vin de France Réserve Sparkling Rosé ($15). A sparkling wine masquerading as a food wine, with lots of savory undertones and a bit of a metallic finish.

NV Paul Mas “Côté Mas” Crémant de Limoux Rosé Brut ($16).  Mouth-filling creaminess, but still crisp in the finish – a combo of Chardonnay, Chenin Blanc and a little Pinot Noir. (Limoux wants you to know that it, not Champagne, invented sparkling wine. So there!)

NV Scharffenberger “Excellence” Mendocino County Brut Rosé ($24). Scharff is often overlooked when we think of California bubbly, but it shouldn’t be, witness this very lively, mouth-filling, creamy, lightly toasted wine that does equally well as a glass sipper or as a table wine.

NV Domaine du Landreau “Volage” Crémant de Loire Rosé ($28). A very creamy sparkler that closes quickly with a lightly tannic, minerally finish.

NV Champagne Delamotte Rosé ($78). Elegant – lifts you above the everyday world of pink sparklers with its elegant creaminess and light flavors of apricot flesh and skins.

2018 Famille Perrin “La Vieille Ferme” Vin de France Rosé ($8). From one of the great “value” labels from the South of France – rounded fruit, both fresh and candied, with a clean, tangy, minerally finish.

2018 Marqués de Cáceres Rioja Rosé ($9). A firmer, slightly fruitier traditional style of pink that borders on being a light red.

2018 Paul Mas “Arrogant Frog” Pays d’Oc Rosé ($9). Typical blend of Cinsault, Grenache, Syrah is fruity and savory with a hint of cream and a tang at the final croak.

2018 Paul Mas “Côté Mas Auroré” Pays d’Oc Rosé ($9). The basics – lightly candied cherry fruit, fresh and clean.

2018 Monteti “TM” Toscana IGT Rosé ($13). Very refreshing – good balance of light cherry fruit and metallic minerality.

2017 Frescobaldi “Alì” Ammiraglia Toscana Rosé ($21). Lamberto Frescobaldi, the 30th generation to head this family winery, is very bullish on Vermentino/Syrah blend rosés from Tuscany’s Maremma Coast, and we can see why. This one is crisp, lightly tart yet moderately full with a hint of tannins.

2017 Long Meadow Ranch Anderson Valley Rosé of Pinot Noir ($23). Crispy, yet creamy – long, lean with lots of mineral notes.

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