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The Heart of a Kitchen; Quips of a Rambling Released

The Heart of a Kitchen; Quips of a Rambling Chef by Paul G. Suplee CEC, PC III has been released for Nook and Kindle eBook readers.

Originally released in 2006 to strong reviews, Suplee’s first effort is being electronically released to set the stage for the release of his second book Chef, a CulinaryEuphemism; More Bilgewater from the Rambling Chef which is planned to be released by 2013.

In his first effort, Suplee’s work is conversational but by the end you know that you learned something; maybe the daily struggles of the modern chef; the importance of the Mediterranean diet; why sauce is so vital in our day and age; why a chef should always monitor their young cooks as a measure of self-preservation.

The eBook is on sale for $3.99 on and  It will fill the gap in your online literature collection especially if you love food and want to see what happens when you give a typewriter to a chef!