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Pernod Absinthe Celebrates National Absinthe Day

Pernod Absinthe, the original and most authentic absinthe ever produced, will honor National Absinthe Day today with a dedicated event in New York City and celebratory cocktails at select bars and restaurants across the country. A classic spirit that was banned in 1912 - and lifted 5 years ago this summer - absinthe has long been an inspiration for artists, writers, and bartenders alike. On National Absinthe Day, Pernod Absinthe invites cocktail lovers everywhere to enjoy this unique spirit, a drink that is known for driving the cocktail renaissance in the United States and abroad.


“National Absinthe Day is an opportunity to push the barriers of your comfort zone; this beverage brings a mysterious and bold aura that no other spirit can offer,” said Pernod Absinthe Brand Ambassador Anne-Louis Marquis. “This occasion is the perfect opportunity to honor and celebrate this often misunderstood spirit. In addition to being a classic spirit, absinthe carries with it a cultural influence that has inspired some of the most well-renown creatives of the 19th century, including Ernest Hemingway and Edgar Degas.”


Pernod Absinthe is a high proof spirit distilled from Grand Warmwood, fennel, and anise. Its unique light green hue, herbaceous nose, and creamy sweet anise dominant taste characteristics come directly from these three plants.

In celebration of National Absinthe Day, several well-known bars and restaurants will be serving custom absinthe cocktails to guests and patrons including Maison Premiere (New York City), Booker and Dax (New York City), Dead Rabbit (New York City), and Apotheke (New York City).*


Pernod Absinthe offers the below tips to help demystify absinthe, and encourages cocktail lovers everywhere to enjoy one of the special absinthe cocktail recipes the brand has created especially for this annual celebration.



Become an Absinthe Connoisseur – The Ritual of Drinking Absinthe

Absinthe is often served in a traditional ritual:
1. Pour a measure of absinthe in an absinthe glass
2. Place a sugar cube on a flat perforated spoon on top of the glass
3. Drip ice-cold water on the sugar cube to slowly dissolve it
4. Add three to six parts water to the glass
5. Take your time, sip. The slower, the better

Absinthe Cocktails:


Telltale Heart
½ part Pernod Absinthe
½ part Crème Yvette
Sugar cube

Hada Verde
2 Parts blanco tequila
1 Part Pernod Absinthe
2 Parts lime juice
¾ Parts simple syrup
muddled fresh rosemary
sea salt


Green Beast
1 Part Absinthe
1 Part lime juice
1 Part simple
4 parts water
Sliced cucumbers
Served over ice