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Featured Podcasts

Podcasts have exploded in recent years and we are collecting our favorites here.

You may listen to podcasts on this page. Below, are bios for the hosts.

The Connected Table by Melanie Young and David Ransom

Melanie Young, Co-Host, writes about wine, food, travel and healthy living. Her articles appear in Santé Magazine,, Seven Fifty Daily, Wine Enthusiast, The Epoch Times, Gourmet Business, The Epoch Times, Jewish Week and others. She formerly ran an eponymous culinary-events agency where she consulted for numerous global wine and food organizations, launched New York Restaurant Week, and served as director of the James Beard Foundation Awards, which she helped create. She is a member of Les Dames d ’Escoffier International and is author of two award- winning books, Getting Things Off My Chest, and Fearless Fabulous You!  Melanie also hosts “Fearless Fabulous You!” on the national Women-4-Women Network (Live Wednesdays, 12 noon EST/Podcast iHeart), covering women’s health, entrepreneurship, and career reinvention. Twitter: @mightymelanie  Instagram: @wineandfoodtraveler @melaniefabulous

David Ransom, Co-Host is East Coast Editor for Tasting Panel Magazine, The SOMM Journal and Clever Root magazines. His regular columns include “The Ransom Note” (Tasting Panel Mag) and “The Ransom Report” (The SOMM Journal). A popular guest speaker, David judges the New York World Wine & Spirits competition and curates private wine events. He is a board member of the Wine Media Guild. David helped run his family’s New York State winery, Rivendell, and produced wine and food events for Ms. Young’s agency for over 10 years. He formerly co-hosted “The Bottoms Up Radio Hour” KFNX radio show with Jennifer English. Twitter @ransomwrites   Instagram @ransomwrites

And, yes!  The Insatiably Curious Culinary Couple is married. Wine brought them together. Learn their back story on Santé Magazine.

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On The Menu by Ann and Peter Haigh

Ann & Peter Haigh host On the Menu, an Internet-based program on the wide world of food, drink & travel. The radio show/podcast launched in 2004 & has aired one-hour of content weekly since then.

A husband & wife duo, they interview chefs, restaurateurs, hoteliers, authors, wine & spirit professionals, food producers, cookware/kitchen gadget makers and other culinary luminaries. They discuss food trends & industry news, cover national & international culinary festivals & conferences & work with tourism agencies worldwide. Ann, aka the "Dining Diva," is a long-time food and travel writer, broadcaster, restaurant critic, former restaurant owner, accomplished cook and an experienced consumer--having lived, traveled and dined across the country and around the world. She served as Pittsburgh Magazine's restaurant editor for 14-years, and has written extensively for other publications, as well as the Internet. She actively participates in the James Beard Foundation as well as numerous Critic Choice programs.

Peter unabashedly boasts serious wanderlust and is an avid traveler. Born and raised in England, he lived in Australia for seven years before venturing to the USA. Holding a Master’s degree in geography from the University of Cambridge, he is highly qualified to serve as On the Menu's travel planner and king of logistics. He is also a dedicated oenophile & spirits aficionado. As an internationally recognized expert on telecommunications and computing, he uses the Internet as the major means for exploring new destinations, selecting and making reservations.

Their website is at On the Menu.